4 Things You Should Know Before Visiting the Amazing Country of Vietnam


Vietnam is a country rich in culture, landscape, history and gastronomy, so you’ve got a lot to look forward to if you’re planning a holiday there. It’s no wonder that Vietnam is up there with the ultimate travel bucket list destinations, such as the Maldives and Mauritius.  

To get the most of your dreamed adventure, few things have to be known. From the climate to cultural customs, things are likely going to be very different than a person would be accustomed to most of the time, should they visit Vietnam.

Learn the Language of Vietnam

Doing some preparation before you leave will ensure that you have a blast while remaining respectful to the locals. In most parts of the country, few people speak English, so you should be prepared to have some sort of problem in communicating. Try to remember some key phrases and questions; that will save your journey.

The essential phrases you’ll need in Vietnam should cover greetings and pleasantries, how to ask for directions and how to order food and drink at a restaurant. Vietnamese people don’t say ‘thank you’ as much as their foreign visitors so don’t be surprised if they don’t say it back!

Know Where You’re Going

While spontaneity is among the tempting approaches during the holiday trip, most probably, planning for the places to be visited in Vietnam shall have to be earlier made. More critical if within a large group of travelers, for you may be stranded looking for entry tickets and accommodation to iconic features and attractions.


Vietnam tours covers all the best destinations you need to see on your journey. Rather than doing all the research yourself and making various bookings, these trips have all the activities and accommodations built-in.

Read About Gastronomy

One has to taste the food prepared in the country of Vietnam to believe the fact that the food they make is one of the healthiest and tastiest food available in the world. Pho is the national iconic dish—a daily staple made from fresh rice noodles in a clear meat broth—with herbs, usually coriander, and green onions on top. The nutribun is purely vegetarian, made of barley and a few types of vegetables without oil or meat.

To vegetarians or people who have a nut allergy, it may be difficult to feed since the main composition of most dishes does include sesame oil, nuts, and meat..


Navigating Transportation

Transport in Vietnam is easy and it’s up to you how you move around. Travelling by boat is a particularly effective way to travel, especially if you’re moving up and down the coast or to islands offshore.

When travelling to locations off the main tourist trail, local buses are well-connected. You can also hire the iconic mopeds and motorbikes to get from A to B on your own schedule.


Exploring Cultural Etiquette

A trip to Vietnam is a colorful mosaic of cultural experiences, but it does provide the necessity for certain knowledge and respect for local manners and customs. The general nature of being polite and respectful towards others is primordial for the people in Vietnam. Learning from the basic norms would certainly add to your experiences and interactions in the country. Although the Vietnamese language does not say “thank you” as much as Western customs do, gestures and universal smiles of appreciation are always appreciated. In addition, according to the norm, you have to take off your shoes before you enter someone’s home or some establishments to show the space’s cleanliness and respect.

Embracing Adventure Safely

The various landscapes within Vietnam look to provide endless possibilities to one’s adventures, ranging from trekking through dense jungles to easy-going cruises down picturesque waterways. However, at the same time, be very cautious about safety in your explorations. Whether you are hiking the hills or walking down city streets, always be aware of the surroundings and conform to local regulation to minimize any exposure to danger. Proceed to take part in water-based activities, i.e., kayaking or snorkeling and ensure you put on the right safety equipment and guidelines from a well-experienced guide. Therefore, embracing the adventure with mindfulness will help you enjoy to the fullest but also keeps your safety against the natural beauty of the country while at it.


The travels to Vietnam: preparation of the journey with insight on language, navigation, gastronomy, and cultural etiquette before leaving for the adventure of life. “From the busy streets of Hanoi to the placid waters of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam clamors to be explored with a culture, history, and beauty tapestry. Enjoy cultural experiences, tasty food, and the spirit of exploration safely and respectfully in the people and places you meet by learning from local customs, trying the tasty food, and adopting the spirit of exploration safely and respectfully. So pack your bags, open your heart to new experiences, and get ready to discover the amazing country of Vietnam.

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