How To Add Life To Your Garden Design With Trailing Plants


Trailing plants, often called climbing plants, offer a great way to liven up your garden and can help you create an inviting oasis.

With spring edging closer, it’s an excellent time to start breathing new life into your outside space. Not only that, but spending time in nature is great for mental health, so what better way to step into the new season than by getting creative in the garden?

But if you’ve never experimented with trailing plants before, it can be a bit daunting to know where to begin.

Take a look at our top tips on choosing and maintaining vibrant and uplifting plants for your garden, however big or small.

Selecting the right trailing plants

Most gardens should be able to find trailing plants that will be suitable, but it does pay to spend a bit of time researching and looking into which are more likely to grow better in your individual space. Hanging baskets are often a good choice for most gardens. You’ll need to consider aspects such as:

  • Height and width: while ground space is not usually an issue with these types of plants, you’ll need to find out how long, tall or wide they’re likely to grow, especially if you have a small garden.
  • Secure your plants: if you choose wall climbers, you’ll probably have to use some sort of wiring for your plants to cling onto and you’ll need to make sure they’re properly secured.
  • Sun or shade: the types of plants you choose will depend on the direction your garden faces. Some plants need plenty of sun, like Californian lilac, while others do well in shadier conditions, such as honeysuckles.

Design with trailing plants

Trailing plants can be a great way to add splashes of colour into your garden and there are plenty of options to get creative. You’ll need to tidy up your space before making new additions so be sure to cut down any rogue hedge greenery by using battery operated hedge trimmers. Spruce up any planters and remove any dead plants or pesky weeds.

Choose hanging baskets or vertical climbers on a pergola, fence or wall to showcase your new garden design. Experiment with a selection of different plants and tones for a bright, fresh feel.

Incorporate climbing plants across your entire garden or choose just one wall to get creative with. These types of plants are ideal for softening hard edges or creating a privacy screen. Hanging baskets can also brighten up a doorway or gate and create an interesting focal point.

Maintain your trailing plants

You’ll need to follow the specific care guides on your individual plants but there are some general tips for hanging baskets which include the following:

  • Water frequently but take care not to give them too much water.
  • Use a good quality soil mix and fertiliser.
  • Trim back when necessary to maintain a healthy, neat appearance.
  • Be careful not to leave outside in adverse weather and refrain from leaving out in frosty conditions.

Elevating Garden Aesthetics with Trailing Plants

Including trailing plants in your garden could be an effective stratagem that raises the visual dynamics and overall appeal of your outdoor sanctuary. The right trailing plants can bring in a cascade of greenery and blooms that add immensely to the aesthetics of a garden. This will be achieved in the options of a mixture of hanging baskets and vertical climbers; interest and depth of the garden will come with the layers formed. These arrangements are made not only for a touch of elegance but also for functional purposes, such as making privacy screens or softening up the architectural lines.

In other words, the details are what make a garden come alive. Seasonally adjusting the yard may take hard work, from the cleanup and preparation to the care given, but it pays off for any homeowner. By embracing and appreciating the beauty and versatility of trailing plants, it will be sure to bring a lively and full feeling into the garden, hence making it even a more enjoyable and serene place.


Trailing or climbing plants also help in giving a more lively and vibrant look to the garden. Spring is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to bring your outside space to life. After all, that could just be what the doctor ordered for your mental health. If you are new to trailing plants in the garden, consider doing some research on the best kind of plants that will be happy with the conditions present. Maybe even try some hanging baskets or wall climbers for added interest and color in a vertical direction. Clean and tidy up the garden, trim all hedges, tidy the planters, get rid of all dead vegetation before introducing new plants.

Treat them well with the right watering, quality soil, and fertilizers, by trimming the plant to stay appealing. Following these pointers and watching how your plants grow from them will give you good experience for gardening in future seasons. In this way, you will be able to enhance your beauty of your garden, making your garden area more inviting and relaxing.

Take good notes on how your new climbers did and apply all the new knowledge to next year’s gardening.

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